Who we are

PAC Concept was born out of a simple observation: air conditioners are invading our cities and few solutions respond to this problem.

Our perfect knowledge of aerothermal products has enabled us to develop what represents the best quality/price ratio on the market.

With our 3 models, we have managed to create in totally different styles, AESTHETIC, BEST PRICES, QUALITY and MODIFIABLE coverings to fit your installation perfectly.

Solid wood TYPE ” douglas ” . Aluminium “Vikubond”. Artificial foliage treated anti UV and rot-proof. We have selected the best materials to guarantee the quality and durability of your air conditioning cover.

Our aluminum composite panels are CNC machined for precision cutting and perfect finish.

Our products are manufactured 100% in our workshops located in France.

In this way, we ensure a design that is in line with an eco-responsible approach and that promotes the development of economic activity in OUR countries.

Our D.N.A.

PAC Concept was born from a triple observation:

  1. The explosion of the heat pump market in the broadest sense of the word is generating visual pollution.
  2. There are very few solutions to this problem
  3. The solutions are often more unsightly than the problem…

Here’s MY answer:

  • PAC Concept offers aesthetic and original air conditioning and heat pump covers.
  • PAC Concept revolutionizes the product concept by making its covers for outdoor units functional.
  • PAC Concept is built on a strong experience and knowledge of the market and aerothermal products acquired over many years.
  • This experience has shown us that an air conditioner cover cannot be standard. Each of our group covers is made to measure.
  • All our claddings for outdoor groups have been studied with the advice of specialists (suppliers, installers, etc.).
  • In constant evolution, our company continues to invest in research and development in order to offer you new product concepts, new materials, new climate control… Nearly a hundred INPI deposits have already been made…