Modularis range


Product made in France

Hiding your air conditioning unit or heat pump

Do you find the engine block of your air conditioning unsightly
and you are looking to embellish it so as not to disfigure your facade? We have the solution.
Pac Concept presents you with different models of modifiable and modular air conditioning covers for your home.

Lignum :

The Custom Air Conditioning Cover

À partir de 319 €

With the Lignum range, we offer you a 100% natural air-conditioning cover, as it is made of Douglas fir, a tree from the pine family. The cover is available in three different sizes and can be easily adapted to your home. Its wood makes it a great choice for those who appreciate authentic materials and natural charm. If you wish, you can even paint it in the colour of your choice to match your décor.

The cover is mounted on screw-on legs that are very easy to install. Moreover, it is child’s play to adapt it to your air-conditioning unit, as it can be completely modified with a saw. The Lignum air-conditioning cover therefore offers great adaptation possibilities around a weather-resistant and 100% natural material.

Dumis :

The Custom Air Conditioning Cover
In Artificial Foliage

À partir de 319 €

The Dumis air conditioning cover is made of artificial foliage mounted on a thermo-lacquered mesh panel. It is also perfectly adaptable to all configurations and is available in the three most common heat pump sizes.

This air conditioning unit cover is perfect for placement on a balcony or terrace.

In addition, the outdoor foliage is designed to be weather and light resistant, and meets current fire regulations. It is also very easy to install and fix.

The Dumis cover adds a touch of greenery to the overall effect: you will forget that it is actually an air conditioner!

Alumen :

The Custom Air Conditioning Cover
In Aluminium

À partir de 319 €

The Alumen air conditioning cover combines modernity and lightness. It is made of a composite material of polyethylene and aluminium.

Its contemporary and discreet design gives it a pleasant look that will easily integrate into any exterior decoration. The cover is available in three sizes and more than 15 colours: it can be easily modified for a precise fit around your heat pump.

The Alumen air conditioner cover is made of high quality materials and guarantees a long life. All screws and bolts are included in the kit, as well as adjustable PVC feet that can be screwed on to level the cover.

Why choose a customised air conditioning cover that can be configured online?

Because our covers can be modified and modulated, they offer perfect installation comfort. The ease with which you can adjust them to your engine block, the choice of materials that can easily be cut to create a recess or a passage for a duct, are undeniable advantages. These features and their practicality allow our covers to blend in perfectly with your garden, your terrace or your balcony.

Pac Concept, the specialist in custom-made pac covers

With eight years of experience, Pac Concept has a team of specialists who offer you products manufactured exclusively in France.

Innovative thanks to its modular and modifiable models, Pac Concept develops quality products, combining robustness and aesthetics. Our professionals will be able to advise you and guide you towards the choice you need. All our ranges are well designed, original, easy to install and to work on to perfectly match the unsightly lines of your air conditioning. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or more information.