Gamme Acoustique

Sonum +, le mur phonique
Sonum +

Sonum + is an independent or complementary solution to our Sonum subwoofer.
By adding the two solutions, you might forget that you have a heat pump!

Acoustic Performance

Niveau 11

Average observed attenuation of “5dB”

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Sonum + and the Sonum box are independent or complementary:
Independent if you want to insulate in a given direction, complementary if you want to insulate your air conditioning unit or heat pump in all directions.

Sonum+ can be easily moved to isolate in a given direction. In summer, for example, between your outdoor dining table and your heat pump, and in winter between the latter and your neighbours’ house.

Our Sonum + sound wall is completely tailor-made. It can be straight, on two sides (angles of your choice), or any other shape to adapt perfectly to your problem.

Our acoustic wall is the result of several years of research and collaboration with a partner acoustic design office.
A dozen colors, imitation wood finishes, artificial foliage, Sonum + will blend perfectly into your exterior. Aesthetic and efficient, Sonum + is acoustic peace!


  • Sandwich panel wall
    50mm polyethylene insulation
    Movement guaranteed in less than 1 minute
    100% made in France
    Compatible with Sonum
    Average gain 10dB (microphone positioned behind the sound wall)
    Weighting system included
  • Soundproofing panels in hydrophobic polyethylene th. 50mm.
  • Closed cell polyethylene foam specially adapted for outdoor applications. The foam is flame retardant, tested according to b1, according to din 4102.
  • The insulation has been treated with uv stabilization and has excellent weather resistance.
  • Double skin walls with air gap and absorbent silicone
  • Composite aluminum panels (lacquered aluminum + polyethylene core) thickness 3mm – RAL 9016 white
  • Patterns cut by digital machining (patterns of your choice)

Choose your finish, foliage, wood or aluminum

Custom design!

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