Dumis: the air conditioning cover that can be changed into artificial foliage



Anti-UV treated: 5-year warranty
Fire-resistant treated
90% concealment
Mounted on a rigid mesh frame
Ultra-easy assembly

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Artificial foliage

Anti-UV treated: 5-year warranty
Fire-resistant treated
90% concealment


Mounted on a rigid mesh frame
Ultra easy assembly

Modularis system

Your cache is modular and easily modifiable.
Is your group in a corner, in front, in the middle of the garden? You have 2 groups superimposed, joined…?
Configure your cache by clicking ici

Simplified custom design

Simply give us the desired interior measurements for your cover, Height, Width and Depth!
No more standard caches that are too big or too small!!
A custom cover delivered as quickly and at the same price as a standard cover!!!

The maximum dimensions for a single group are:
Length 1400 mm
Depth 800 mm
Height 1200 mm

Simplified process


  • Saw easily to create a trunking passageway
  • Saw easily to create an offset
  • Drill where you want
  • Attach to the wall at the location of your choice.
  • Remove one side if necessary
  • The top can become the bottom

Documentation PDF cache climdocumentations :


Modifiable at will


100% compatible


Respects the air flow


Easy assembly

cache climatisation en kit à monter soi meme

Our air conditioner cover named “Dumis” in synthetic foliage is truer than nature! Perfect on the side of your house, right on the ground, it can, why not, brighten up a balcony or a terrace with a touch of greenery always welcome. Its foliage is fixed on rigid panels of green powder-coated wire netting which give it great resistance. We have selected the best artificial foliage and we guarantee that its colour will last over time. Our foliage is also guaranteed free of heavy metals and is non-toxic to children and our animal friends! They are also fire classified for added security. With almost 100% concealment, your heat pump will no longer exist in your eyes! The air flow is respected with a circulation rate of 85% (excluding external air supply such as wind).

Its assembly couldn’t be simpler: just a few manual PVC clamps and you’re done! The assembly and packaging of the panels are 100% carried out on our national territory in our workshops. Your air conditioner cover is modifiable. With a simple stroke of the cutter you can create a chute passage, stall or any other modification. You can also fix your cover to the wall to secure it. Your cache is also adjustable. The top can be fixed underneath and you can make a cover by omitting one side if necessary. Dumis can be fixed in height on the facade. It can also be double-assembled to cover a large heat pump.

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