Tertiary and industrial projects


Ventilation units,
double flow units,
air handling units, etc.

units, cold
units, chilled water units…

Aesthetic solutions

From the technical and aesthetic study to the realization of the project, we offer you a unique and tailor-made solution,
for discreet or aesthetic integration.

Step 1

We carry out a technical feasibility study

Step 2

We define the outlines of the project hand in hand

Step 3

We make a 3D model of your project

Step 4

We set up the aesthetic solution if necessary!

Acoustic solutions

A tailor-made acoustic (and aesthetic if necessary!) solution
with quantified results.

Step 1

An acoustic study is carried out by one of our certified partner acoustic study offices.

Step 2

Our solution is developed based on the results of the study.

Step 3

We implement the solution according to the recommendations of the design office