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Saepes Lignea

The emblem of our brand…

A bush sits enthroned on its solid wood planter. A simple idea that has become the standard bearer of our brand.

Sober but terribly original at the same time. The air conditioner cover goes everywhere. It will fit on your balcony, terrace, against your house… A bestseller!

Air conditioning cover suitable for single and double fans



Perceived quality :

Maintenance :

Suitable for front panel :

Unsheltered exterior :

jolie climatiseur sur mesure pour balcon
cache clim sur mesure terrasse
cache climatiseur extérieur balcon
camoufler une clim chene fonce
cache clim taille sur mesure
cache climatiseur avec taille personnalisable en bois blanc et feuilles
cache clim hauteur largeur sur mesure
cache clim sobre original
cache climSaepes Lignea
cacher un climatiseur extérieur effet nature
cache climatiseur sur jardinière bois feuillage
cache clim jardin
grand cache clim effe feuillage sur bois
cache clim forme buisson sur bois massif
cache clim sur jardinière
cacher une clim sur un balcon
cache clim feuillage et bois

+ more than 250 Colours : stain or paint :
(free option)

2 Types of foliage :
(free option)

Custom design
(free option)

Access hatch for a condensate container
or control panel:
(free option)

2- or 4-point wall mounting
(free option)

Sound insulation 50mm
+ 699€ incl. vat
+ 999€ incl. VAT (double fan)



Air conditioning cover color chart

Artificial bush group cover with solid wood tray

  • Artificial vegetation PVC treated “anti UV”.
  • Solid wood tray type Douglas (class 3 rot-proof)
  • All RAL colours available
  • Custom design
  • Guaranteed disassembly in less than 1 minute
  • Product guaranteed without contact with the external unit
  • Respected air circulation
  • Made in France
  • 2 types of vegetation available
artificial laurel leaves to hide air conditioning
Artificial leave photinia for air conditioning cover
  • Protects from weather, dirt and impact
  • Protects against vandalism
  • A solid argument against the syndics of co-ownerships

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