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Cultura Lignea

A garden on your balcony…

Do you have a green thumb? Cultura is for you! Your group hiding place becomes a miniature garden. Integrated growing tray, all you have to do is choose the plants of your choice.

Fatty plants, cacti, aromatic herbs, with pebbles or gravel, on your marks, ready, plant!

Air conditioning cover suitable for single and double fans



Perceived quality :

Maintenance :

Suitable for front panel :

Unsheltered exterior :

+ more than 250 Colours : stain or paint :
(free option)

Custom design
(free option)

2- or 4-point wall mounting
(free option)

Access hatch for a condensate container
or control panel:
(free option)

Sound insulation 50mm (sides + rear) :
+ 699€ incl. vat
+ 999€ incl. VAT (double fan)


This air conditioner cover is made of solid wood. Wood is a natural material, with knots and “defects”.

In spite of the care taken in selecting and sanding our wood, some natural “defects” may remain (knots, slight cracks, etc.) This is also what makes it so charming!

Natural “defects” are much more visible on light colours (white, beige, light grey, etc.) and, conversely, almost invisible on black, brown, or any other dark colours.

Wood is a living material and it will work quickly (slight cracks) especially if it is exposed to the weather in an unsheltered outdoor environment. An interview will of course be necessary.

People who do not accept natural “defects” or ageing of the wood should turn to our models in powder-coated aluminium or any other model.



Air conditioning cover color chart

Cover for WOODEN planter group

  • Solid wood model Douglas type (class 3 rot-proof)
  • All RAL colours available (coloured wood stain or wood paint)
  • Integrated cultivation system (asphalt cultivation tank and drain)
  • Custom design
  • Guaranteed disassembly in less than 1 minute
  • Product guaranteed without contact with the external unit
  • Respected air circulation
  • Made in France
  • Functional model
  • Protects from weather, dirt and impact
  • Protects against vandalism
  • A solid argument against the syndics of co-ownerships

Product sheet

Advice interview sheet

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