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Cultura Claustra

A green anvil…

A green setting surrounded by a solid wood fence. A country-style compressor cover equipped with a growing tray that allows you to grow your decorative plants, cacti or herbs. A PAC hiding place that you can easily imagine on a farm or a village house.



Perceived quality :

Maintenance :

Suitable for front panel :

Unsheltered exterior :

+ more than 250 Colours glaze or paint :
(free option)

Custom design
(free option)

2- or 4-point wall mounting
(free option)

Access hatch for a condensate container
or control panel:
(free option)

Sound insulation 50mm
+ 699€ incl. vat
+ 999€ incl. VAT (double fan)

  • CAUTION, recommended for sheltered outdoor use
  • Solid wood model Douglas type (class 3 rot-proof)
  • Integrated culture tank (asphalt culture tank and drain)
  • + more than 250 Colours to choose from – RAL colour chart or Coloured stains
  • Custom design
  • Mounted on adjustable screw-on feet
  • Guaranteed disassembly in less than 1 minute
  • Product guaranteed without contact with the external unit
  • Respected air circulation
  • 100% made in France in our workshops

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