Premium, the tailor-made and customizable range

Basis Rubus

The vegetated privacy screen!

The simplest version of our vegetalized range. A windshield covering the front and sides. To be laid on the ground or to be fixed to the facade, our Basis Rubus outdoor unit cover is the perfect solution for those who love nature, but without its constraints…



Perceived quality :

Maintenance :

Suitable for front panel :

Unsheltered exterior :

2 types of foliage
(free option)

Custom design
(free option)

2- or 4-point wall mounting
(free option)

Access hatch for a condensate container
or control panel:
(free option)

Sound insulation 50mm
+ 699€ incl. vat
+ 999€ incl. VAT (double fan)

  • Powder-coated welded steel frame
  • Artificial foliage PVC treated “anti UV”.
  • 2 types of foliage available
  • Mounted on adjustable screw-on feet or wall mounting
  • Guaranteed disassembly in less than 1 minute
  • Product guaranteed without contact with the external unit
  • Respected air circulation
  • Custom design
  • 100% made in France in our workshops
artificial laurel leaves to hide air conditioning
Artificial leave photinia for air conditioning cover

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