Our different models of tailor-made clim covers

Noble materials, customised design, unlimited personalisation, functional covers, welcome to our Premium Range….

Our Premium Range in a few words: a tailor-made design

  • 20 caches with contrasting styles
  • High quality materials
  • Functional caches (buffet, planter…)
  • Practical and original options (colors, fixing method, acoustic insulation…)
  • 100% customisable covers (colours, cutting pattern, foliage, dimensions, options…)
  • Original creation on request (anything is possible!)

The Lignea range

More than 250 colours are available for this range of solid wood climber covers, which stand out for their resolutely modern design. The covers come in different shapes to suit all preferences. Opt for a pure design, choose a model that resembles a sideboard or that integrates a growing tray. We also offer combinations of hardwood and artificial bushes.

Basis Lignea

Mensa Lignea

Cultura Lignea

Saepes Lignea

Vegetalis Lignea

The Alumina range

Aluminium has been selected for this highly customisable range. In total, more than 200 colours and more than 250 patterns are available. You can choose the cut-outs that best suit your environment, and decide whether you want a cover that matches your walls or is available in a contrasting shade. Whether you choose to place it on the floor or fix it to the wall, the cladding of your outdoor unit will meet all your expectations.

Basis Alumina

Mensa Alumina

Cultura Alumina

Saepes Alumina

Vegetalis Alumina

The Claustra range

The simplicity of wood is exploited by our designers to create an authentic style. We have chosen to imitate old fences in a deliberately aged finish. You can choose between stain or paint, knowing that more than 250 colours are available. As with the previous ranges, the buffet style and the integration of an artificial bush is fully possible.

Basis Claustra

Mensa Claustra

Cultura Claustra

Saepes Claustra

Vegetalis Claustra

The Rubus range

The plant style is highlighted by these covers that look like real bushes. Two types of foliage are available from our design team. You can leave the upper part open, have it covered with foliage, integrate a container to grow your succulents and cacti or a tray that will transform the accessory into a functional piece of furniture.

Basis Rubus

Mensa Rubus

Cultura Rubus

Simpli Rubus

Why choose a custom-made air conditioning cover?

Customised covers are the only way to guarantee a result that meets your requirements. Once you have chosen your range, you select the options that correspond to you: colour, fixing method, additional acoustic insulation, etc.
In the end, your air-conditioning cover will be a decorative element that matches your exterior, adding an extra touch to the design you have created. It is no longer just a practical way to hide your outdoor unit in an aesthetic way. It is also a solution to gain in functionality.

Choose Pac Concept, the specialist in custom-made air conditioning covers, 100% French manufacturer and dealer. We are fully aware that air conditioners are essential equipment for your daily comfort. We also know that their appearance is often unsightly, which is detrimental to the efforts made in terms of decoration. We have therefore decided to create aesthetically pleasing and fully customisable casings in our workshops based in France.

Our solid knowledge of the aerothermal field allows us to propose solutions that respect the functioning of air conditioning systems. Our products will therefore enhance your spaces without ever reducing the performance of the air conditioner.

As innovation is part of our DNA, you can be sure of access to options that are out of the ordinary.