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Gamme Acoustique

Acoustics, custom-made soundproofing box

Sonum (Iso phonic box)

Acoustic peace … A noisy group? Demanding neighbors? What was supposed to be comfort can quickly become unbearable… Sonum has only one shift, acoustically isolate your group!


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Despite the efforts made by the manufacturers “research and development” units, air conditioners still generate noise pollution that creates neighbourhood conflicts, night-time nuisance and other disputes, which often end up, at best, before a mediator and, at worst, before a judge.

After many years of studying the multiplicity of these situations, after several dozen prototypes, hundreds of customer feedback, and acoustic readings in real situations, we created Sonum, the custom acoustic climate cover.

Our French supplier of sound insulation offers you the best in sound insulation technology.
Quality, design and results BLUFFANT!

Sound attenuation on a heat pump is a challenge.
A delicate balance must be struck between sound attenuation and respect for the air flow of the unit.
Our acoustic boxes have been tested by the LNE, Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais, and an average attenuation of 5dB has been observed on the most common configuration.
This is a significant result, but not a miracle solution that would totally confine the noise. This solution exists but it would not allow the outdoor unit to function properly.
On the other hand, our enclosures are designed to attenuate what generates the highest sound pressure on a unit, namely the compressor located on the right side of the unit. Our solution has little effect on the sound produced by the fan(s).

As acoustics is not our main area of expertise, no commitment in terms of noise reduction (dB) will be made. Our feedback is conclusive, but a quantified reduction or a commitment to results would require an in-depth study of the equipment (sound power, acoustic pressure) and the environment in which it is located (reverberation effect, partitioning, vibrations, etc.), and this is not within our field of expertise.

  • Sandwich panel housing
  • Ventilated front panel in aluminium composite (choice of cut-out pattern).
  • Colour White RAL 9016 (can be repainted)
  • Guaranteed disassembly in less than 1 minute
  • Respected air circulation
  • Made in France
  • Sound-insulating panels made of hydrophobic polyethylene ep. 50mm.
  • Closed-cell polyethylene foam specially adapted for outdoor applications. The foam is flame-retardant, tested according to b1, in accordance with din 4102.
  • The insulation has been treated with uv stabilization and has excellent weather resistance.
  • Double skinned walls with air gap and absorbent silicone
  • Aluminium composite panels (lacquered aluminium + polyethylene core) thickness 3mm – RAL 9016 white
  • Digitally cut patterns (choice of patterns)

colours: free options

Wooden finish :279€ incl. VAT

Average observed attenuation of “5dB”.

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