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Premium range


Noble materials, customised design, unlimited personalisation, functional covers, welcome to our Premium Range….

Our Premium Range in a few words: a tailor-made design

  • 20 caches with contrasting styles
  • High quality materials
  • Functional caches (buffet, planter…)
  • Practical and original options
  • 100% customisable covers (colours, cutting pattern, foliage, dimensions, options…)
  • Original creation on request (anything is possible!)

Our Lignea caches, solid wood and modern design...

Basis Lignea

Mensa Lignea

Cultura Lignea

Saepes Lignea

Vegetalis Lignea

Our Alumina covers, made of aluminum and ultra-customizable...

Basis Alumina

Mensa Alumina

Cultura Alumina

Saepes Alumina

Vegetalis Alumina

Our caches Claustra, wood with an authentic style...

Basis Claustra

Mensa Claustra

Cultura Claustra

Saepes Claustra

Vegetalis Claustra

Our Rubus caches, vegetable first...

Basis Rubus

Mensa Rubus

Cultura Rubus

Simpli Rubus