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Our air conditioner covers to embellish your exteriors!

Because we all like to enjoy our terrace or garden and admire the atmosphere we have created, our team has developed models of air conditioning cover to improve your visual comfort and enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor. Wishing to offer you a range that can easily blend into your landscape, we have developed several models from carefully selected materials.

Also, if you like natural and wooded atmospheres, our air conditioner cover ” Dumis ” ” will delight you with its artificial foliage whose authenticity will deceive more than one.
If you prefer the zen atmosphere offered by wood, our air conditioning cover ” Lignum ” in solid pine wood will be in perfect harmony with your green spaces.
If you are more seduced by contemporary design and style, the lines of our aluminium air conditioning cover ” Alumen ” will make you happy.

Our air conditioner covers are made in France by our craftsmen and are available in 3 sizes to fit all standard air conditioner models on the French market (Daikin, Hitachi, Mitsubishi). Although meeting the usual dimensions of these different ranges, our covers can be modified to meet your expectations. You can also adjust them to suit your environment and the specific features of your heat pumps. For example, if you have several air conditioning units, our covers can be nested to form a single unit.
The assembly of our caches has been designed to be as quick as it is simple: it will arrive at your home very discreetly.
Respecting the air flow of your air conditioners, you will keep all the qualities of your air conditioning.

Take full advantage of your exterior by offering you the pleasure of forgetting about your air conditioning unit thanks to our air conditioner covers!
And for any additional request, do not hesitate to contact our team who will be pleased to assist you in the implementation of your projects.